Montessori-Kinderhaus „Regenbogen“ Stolberg
Montessori-Kinderhaus „Regenbogen“ Stolberg

Information about us

What makes us stand out from the rest?

We provide a Montessori education to infants, toddlers and young children.
Based on the educational principles of Maria Montessori which are the foundation of our work, we set out to:

  • respect each child’s personality and see each one as a whole and complete individual
  • support the development of self-reliance by giving each child room for making decisions and trying things out to see where her abilities lie and where she needs to set her own limits
  • help each child think for himself and act autonomously
  • let each child learn at her own pace, for children learn best when they are allowed to choose what they want to learn when they are most receptive for it
  • provide guidance in overcoming problems instead of avoiding them
  • give each child the comfort and assurance he needs
  • convey that every person is singular in their abilities, needs and limitations, and that each one is important, valuable and “okay” just the way they are.

Based on these guiding principles, in our Montessori children’s house we personalize the path to learning for every single child: we provide an environment in which each child decides which activity to work on, for how long and how often, and with whom they want to work together. We track each child’s progress individually.


We see ourselves first and foremost as assistants and counselors for these self-reliant children. We are always prepared to lend a helping hand when a child requests our guidance.


Our children’s house was founded by a group of parents in the city of Stolberg (near Aachen) and was opened in June 1991.

Who can attend?

Children come to us from all over Stolberg – from the city center as well as the outlying countryside. Our children range in age from around one year to when they start school at around six years of age.

The rooms in which your child will feel at home

We have two groups - one for children younger than 3 years and one for children from the age of 3. Currently we have a total of 34 children in our kinergarden who range in age from four months to about six years old.


The “daisy” group has a main room of 65 sq. yards (55 m²) plus a bathroom. The “sunflower” group has a main room of 40 sq. yards (35 m²), an adjoining room of 24 sq. yards (20 m²) and a bathroom. Both groups share a spacious gym/activity room of 65 sq. yards (55 m²), the roomy entrance hall as well as two nap rooms.


In our kitchen, our in-house cook prepares organic, multi-course hot meals from scratch every day. The director’s office/staff-room rounds out our interior space.


The fenced-in playground is out the back on a raised piece of land. Next to a large lawn it holds two large sandboxes, two playhouses – one with a slide, a climbing structure, a tunnel and bridge, a paved area for wheeled activity and two toolsheds.

The people who will care for your child

Six teachers, one of whom is the director, provide care and support to the children.


All teachers are required to have the Montessori Teaching Certificate. Any new teachers hired without this certificate must attend a two-year certification course.


The cook/housekeeper completes our team.

How parents get involved

All parents pitch in to help with the upkeep of the children’s house. Every family contributes 2-3 hours of work per month doing such tasks as washing windows, mowing the lawn or making a trip to the store.


Beyond that, there may be larger-scale projects where the parents pitch in to benefit the children and the children’s house. Recent such projects have been a re-design of the playground with new equipment and the redecorating of both bathrooms.

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